Grant Thomas

is a creative technologist and musician in Portland, OR.

Grant makes things with ideas and code. He's obsessed with the outlandish things computers can do and wants to do work that lives at the intersection of technology and culture.

He's a creative technology lead with The Lodge at Wieden + Kennedy where he comes up with original concepts, leads engineering teams, and makes stuff for brands like Verizon, Samsung, Nike, Old Spice, KFC and Coca-Cola. He knows a few programming languages and plays trombone.



Selected Work

Pee World VR

  • What: As you know, peeing is boring and bathrooms are boring. So we set out to solve this problem by making a VR experience where you can pee anywhere while actually peeing in the safety of a real bathroom.
  • Role: everything in collaboration w/Pablo Rochat
  • Links: press video app website

Verizon in Minecraft

  • What: We extended Verizon's network into Minecraft because video games are one of the few places they don't already cover. To make it work, we created software to build video and websites out of Minecraft blocks in real-time. YouTubers like CaptainSparklez and SethBling made video calls, browsed the web, sent selfies, and ordered pizza without leaving the game.
  • Role: creative, tech lead, a shocking amount of copy
  • Links: video press code
  • Awards: Gold Cyber Lion, 2 X Gold Andys, Gold Clio, Silver Clio

Hands on Ron Burgundy

  • What: We made an online endurance game for Dodge where you could touch Ron Burgundy. A real-time system tracked the gameplay and the winner touched Ron for 41 hours. We created a custom CAPTCHA, Ron Burgundy's Human Verification System For Websites, to prevent cheating.
  • Role: creative (game concepts), tech lead, engineer
  • Links: video press
  • Awards: 2 X Webby, 2 X One Show Silver, Shorty

Kobe Counter

  • What: We built a counter for Nike that counted the number of times somebody counted on Kobe in real time.
  • Role: lead developer

Coke Chase

  • What: People watching the Super Bowl could use our system to vote via social media on the ending of Coca-Cola's spot. We built a real-time system for capturing their votes.
  • Role: engineering
  • Links: video press

Comment Haiku

  • What: We built a thing that used natural language processing tools to turn YouTube comments into semi-topical haikus.
  • Role: creative, engineering
  • Links: video


  • What: We built 61 websites for Coca-Cola's ahh campaign along with a tool that helped us manage the deployment of 61 websites.
  • Role: tech lead, engineering
  • Links: press

Dark Horse Digital

  • What: We built a system for authoring, selling, and reading digital comics on mobile devices and the Internet.
  • Role: android lead, full-stack developer
  • Links: Dark Horse Digital